Ephrata Public Library’s Winter Reading Program Kicks Off With A Storytelling Trip Around the World

Grab your passport, pack your bags, and buckle up. Children in the Ephrata Area are invited to go for a storytelling trip around the world. The library’s winter reading program kicks off on November 4th at 6:30 p.m. with a special visit by Kids and Cultures’ “Treasures of the World.”

“Treasures of the World” is a fast-paced interactive storytelling program for elementary students featuring folktales from all over the world. Each story contains a virtue and offers a glimpse into the culture from which it comes.

“We can learn a lot about other cultures by the stories the people have passed down from generation to generation,” says storyteller Kristina Wenger, who shares the stage with husband Timm and their children Katia and Thaniel. The show includes audience participation and information about the cultures from which the stories are told.

The program is part of the library’s first ever winter reading program. For more information about the winter reading program for children, teens and adults, or to register for programs, visit the library’s website at www.ephratapubliclibrary.org.



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